Ecuavoley is played across Ecuador. It is similar to what many know as volleyball but with some unique rules. Learn more about Ecuavoley.

ballIn Puerto Ayora, the daily Ecuavoley game is pretty important. Men from many different professions play for their friends, tourists (and most importantly) a little money. It’s worthwhile stopping by the game if you are in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island in the late afternoon.

The game is played by the main pier in town and almost always draws a good crowd. The players are very animated, especially for larger groups of tourists. There is no charge, just grab a snack in a store nearby and enjoy the game.

It is similar to beach volleyball but played on a cement or dirt court. A heavy soccer ball is used in place of the typical, lighter-weight volleyball.


Rules of the Game

The structure of the game is basically the same as traditional volleyball.

  • Each team consists of three players: setter, attacker and server
  • The volleyball net is higher and narrower. Is placed at a height of 2.80 meters and a width of about 60 cm
  • The field has the same dimensions of 18 meters long and 9 meters wide
  • It is played with a soccer ball Mikasa FT-5.
  • They play games to two sets of 15 points or also can be 12 points and a third option tiebreaker, provided it confirmed by both teams in the rules